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Hello! I’m Genevieve Sass, the one-woman show behind Lilac Creative, and I am passionate about graphic and web design!

With years of experience in online and email marketing and a lifetime spent drawing and doodling, I have the know-how to build well-structured websites that communicate strategically, and the creativity to make them visually attractive and unique.

I focus on web standards and usability, and for that reason I hand-code all my sites to ensure clean, efficient, high-quality code, and intuitive graphic and interactive design that engages visitors. I’m a wiz at HTML & CSS, and have a strong handle on PHP and Javascript for a little extra fun. Websites based on content management systems (CMS) are my specialty, enabling clients to control their own content once the site is finished. Last, but not least, I combine my small business expertise and my knowledge as a web professional to help my clients develop an online strategy for their website that works for them. The end result is a website that is as smart on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside!


I’ve been in graphic design since 2006. Around that same time I started dabbling in WordPress design here and there. I loved it so much that I changed my focus from graphic design to web design, and I launched Lilac Creative in 2008. Since then I’ve designed and developed countless custom blogs and websites on WordPress, and there’s very little I can’t do with WordPress as a platform. I’ve even freelanced for web design teams as a WordPress developer on projects for big companies like IBM and Wacom. Chances are you’ve seen my code in action without even knowing it!


I’m a wife to a Navy reservist, and mom to two awesome kiddos. I’m a huge nerd—I’ve been collecting comics since middle school, I love video games, and pretty much anything sci-fi. I’m also an avid knitter, and I love to draw and paint. And because I grew up in the Detroit area, I love Tigers baseball and Red Wings hockey!