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SEO Quick Tips

Posted in Website Tips

My clients often ask me what they can do to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Understanding SEO can be daunting, as search engines take literally thousands of factors into consideration when cataloging and ranking sites. But even just understanding the basics can help you improve SEO on your website. Here are three quick points to help you get a handle on SEO and how you can improve your site’s SEO.

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2014 Responsive Redesign

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Lilac Creative Responsive Design

I started implementing responsive design in client projects over a year ago, and have found it to be the right solution for the kind of sites I typically build. Around that time I also decided to redesign my own site to be responsive, but ask any web designer and they’ll tell you: not only is it near impossible to design for yourself, but finding time to focus on your own design and development in between client sites is extremely difficult! So this redesign has been a year+ in the making.

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New Little Man

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If you’ve contacted me recently, you’ve gotten my auto-responder saying I’m on maternity leave. We welcomed our new little guy, Tripp, into the world on September 3rd. He was a bit of a surprise, but we are so thrilled to be parents again, and my 7-year-old daughter is a proud (and super helpful) big sister! So far I’m recovering well and Tripp is a mellow little dude, so hopefully that will make it easy for me to slide back into work in another few weeks!

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Jack and Ruby Photography Featured in Blog Gallery

Posted in Project Spotlights


Last month I completed a new photoblog for clients Kara Wieler and Becky Radtke of Jack and Ruby Photography. They wanted something clean, simple and elegant to show off their gorgeous engagement and wedding photography. I worked with their existing logo that features a cute and quirky guy and girl that represent Jack and Ruby, the “every” couple.

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Optimizing Photos for Your Blog

Posted in Tutorials


If you’ve ever posted a photo to your blog and wondered why it doesn’t look as good on your blog as it does in Photoshop, this post is for you! Here are a few tips for making your photos look good online!

Print quality images have a much higher resolution than is needed for viewing on a screen. It’s important to resize your image for web viewing. There are lots of automatic image resizers out there—some blogging platforms will automatically resize images as you upload them—but by doing it yourself in Photoshop, you can control the quality of the image as you resize it, so your photos look as good sized for web as they do at full resolution.

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Designing Your Own WordPress Themes

Posted in Code

I get a lot of emails asking how I learned to design and build WordPress themes from scratch, and if I have any tips for those interested in building their own themes, so I thought I’d write a post about it for anyone else who might like to know. My History with WordPress I kind […]

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Business Tips for Startups

Posted in Business

In these tough economic times, lots of stay-at-home wives and moms (and even some working wives and moms) out there are thinking up ways they can make a little extra income from home.  Whether it’s selling handcrafted items on eBay or Etsy, opening up a home photography studio, or even jumping into web design, there […]

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