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I could not be more happy with my new site design.  I had a couple of ideas and a mood board, Genevieve came up with a design concept I loved the first go around. Which is not easy to do!  Lilac Creative exceeded anything I could have imagined. I now have a website to be proud of, thanks to Lilac Creative. Nobody could have done a better job!

Rhonda Tonkinson


Genevieve is easy to work with; always willing to help and answer questions. She designed a site & brand I love and that really fits my personality. Above all…she’s a creative gem!

Victoria Volk

VLV Photography

Genevieve was a dream to work with. I had about a million ideas for my site, but decided to give her a very rough idea of the style I wanted so as to not hinder her own creative ideas. What came out of her head was 10 times better than anything I could have thought up. I only had a few small modifications to the design and a few other changes to the actual function of the website. Genevieve was very responsive to all my requests and had the tweaks and changes completed in a very short amount of time. I am pleased as punch with the whole experience. Having worked with other web designers in the past, I can say that Genevieve is one of the best. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have a website of their own!

Rachel King

Scrapendipity Designs

Everything is wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. It was such a pleasure to work with [Genevieve] and [she] delivered 100% on making our vision a reality. I’ll certainly be back for our next redesign in 18 months or so.

Robin Carlton

Sweet Shoppe Designs

I really liked the ease of working with Genevieve. I wasn’t sure how working with a graphic artist remotely would work, but it turned out to be great and very convenient for me, much more convenient than working through phone calls. Genevieve was very prompt in responding to emails, etc.

Stacy Okine

Lilac Blue Photography

Genevieve has an amazing way of taking a concept or a style idea and turing it into something beautiful and unique. Branding was very important to me and I am so proud to show off what Genevieve has created for me I love my logo and blog! They are fun, fresh and exactly what I was looking for. Email exchanges were quick and efficient and she was so helpful even after the blog was up and running. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to update their style or for new companies needing to brand their image.

Laurie Knowling

Laurie Knowling Photography

Genevieve had oodles and oodles of patience with us while we changed our minds! Quick correspondence! And [she is] so knowledgable about “blog stuff” like the cool font options and galleries and headers that don’t use flash but still give the same effect. I have recommended Lilac Creative to others and will continue to do so! [She is] a dream to work with, has great, fresh designs, is so patient and really knows [her] stuff!!!

Kara Wieler and Becky Radtke

Jack and Ruby Photography

I contacted Genevieve on a whim. Not really sure what to expect or, if she would be able to see my vision as I saw it. Genevieve met all of my expectations… then blew them out of the water. She developed a website that I can manage on my own, and even gave me the power to change certain features when the mood hits me. She was patient, explained the process, and made me feel really comfortable handing my website over to her. She communicated clearly through the process, keeping me informed about what she was doing, how things were coming along and where she was in the process. I would definitely recommend Genevieve to all of my friends and family! She was a pleasure to work with. No testimonial can speak as loud as Genevieve’s portfolio. She truly is amazing!

Jessica Griffin

Can You Pixel This

I have already spread the word! I have had MANY compliments on the site’s design, coloring, etc and I never fail to give the credit where it is due. Genevieve took my idea of ‘gears’ and ‘clouds’ and put them together in a way that was perfect and beyond by dreams. There wasn’t a single thing that wasn’t positive! Any questions were answered promptly, the schedule went as planned, and the creativity was brilliant especially considering the fact I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. Even beyond the initial site build, any issues, loss of databases :D, her technical support was phenomenal !!! Definitely worth the money and she is so easy to work with!

Melissa Toy

Daydreamer Designworks

I couldn’t be happier with this blog. Honestly I sit here and stare at it and try to come up with reasons to make other people come and sit and stare at it too.. Thank you Gen, you are absolutely AMAZING!

Leah Riordan

Mommyish Designs

Impressively responsive from start to finish. I never wondered what Genevieve was doing in terms of my project, I always knew. Emails were answered in a very timely fashion and the project was delivered on time. Genevieve is a sensitive and creative designer. Her thoughtful approach to taking and responding to a brief really sets her apart from the field. Her knowledge of WordPress meant I felt in safe hands from the start, and the seemless transition from design stage to coding demonstrated her experience in this area. I particularly enjoyed Genevieve’s openness to feedback, and her willingness to give her own view on various options when asked for it. I really felt it was a truly collaborative process. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product, and I know I made a good decision to work with Lilac Creative. It was a long, difficult process finding a good WordPress designer. But Genevieve is the best and was well worth the wait! I also appreciated her website/blog which gave a really good indication of her experience, style, costings and availability.

Judith Green

Chez Spud

Even though Lilac Creative is [not in Canada] this was a great experience. The communication was open, the answers timely, the site designed on schedule and the design awesome! I’m hoping to get a couple of my clients to agree to a website re-design by Genevieve in the near future.

Maryanne Lechleiter

Stimuli Magazine

I had a wonderful experience with Lilac Creative. I would recommend her work to anyone. I got exactly what I was looking for. Her designs were awesome, her delivery was on time, and she was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use her again!

Nancy Sisler

Plum Petals Photography

Genevieve is amazing. Period. She took everything I told her about myself and my design tastes and designed a logo that is so “me”. I smile every time I look at it (and I look at it A LOT). I asked for something “cheerful” and that’s exactly what I got. And when I thought it couldn’t get any better she came up with with a blog that combined fun with sophisticated, when I didn’t even think you could combine those two things! I’m so happy that this logo is mine, because if I would have ever seen it on someone else’s site I would have been SO jealous!

Becky Radke

B2 Photography

Genevieve with Lilac Creative was an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel she excelled in most areas. She not only made a logo in a timely manner, but she made a website as well! She always answered email within 24 hours, and she answered any question I may have had in full detail. She never once questioned changes I may have asked for, but was always willing to give her opinion, and i really liked that about her! In my experience with Lilac Creative, I never once felt like things could have gone smoother. She never once was rude, and she always let me know ahead of time when she wasn’t going to be home and that it would take her a little longer to answer emails. Even in the process of creating my wonderful logo and website I have recommended Lilac Creative to many and I will certainly continue to do so! She is such a pleasure to work with, and not only is she a complete joy, but her work is amazing as well! I know I was certainly hard to work with at times, but she always was very patient with me, she really knows what she’s doing, I never once doubted that! Thanks Genevieve for working with me to create a gorgeous logo and website, it’s even better than I imagined!

Kayla Faye

Struttin' My Stuff Photography

Lilac Creative was all around a great choice for The Kidsay. Genevieve was insightful, very creative, very knowledgable, and super easy to work with. People comment on how amazing our site looks – the color pallets, the layout, how easy it is to navigate, etc — all thanks to the help of Liliac Creative. In addition, her timing to complete the site and the turnaround for the changes that needed to be made (we even still make tweaks) are outstanding. Lilac Creative was a pleasure to work with. I know that i have a web designer that will stay with me over the next couple of years. Genevieve is prompt, friendly, helpful, and unique. Her websites are fresh and colorful, someone we at The Kidsay want to be part of our team. Our website is our business, so we definitely LOVE the work she has done!!!

Jennifer Solare

The Kidsay

I loved how [Genevieve] took what was in my mind and literally translated it to my website. It was easy and completely stress free to get exactly what I want. I would tell people that I had a great experience and that [Genevieve is] a very talented designer.

Courtney Brown

Surviving the Domestic Jungle