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Responsive WordPress Design

Lilac Creative Responsive Design

What is responsive design? Responsive design is an approach to web design that focuses on providing users with a viewing experience optimized for the device they’re using. Whether it’s a 22″ desktop, a tablet device, or a mobile phone, a well-crafted responsive site will scale and reorganize itself based on the screen size of the device to make content easy for viewers to read and browse with minimal to no panning or zooming. Likewise, images are created to be sharp and accurately sized for any screen.

Responsive design is different than creating a mobile version of your site. With responsive design, there’s no need for alternate versions; there’s just one site, and responsive coding takes care of resizing and reordering that site’s content visually based on screen width. This makes it easier for you to manage content without worrying about duplicating it on a separate mobile site, and your site maintains its overall branding and design no matter how it’s being viewed.

To get an idea of responsive design in action, view various pages of this site on your mobile devices and compare to a desktop or laptop browser, or just resize your desktop browser window to a narrower width and watch what happens.

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Custom Functionality

WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform, and I know how to break it out of the “blog box” to create a website that is tailor made for your content. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2008. That’s over eight years of experience creating websites with intuitive navigation, well-organized content and structure, and unique design that will set you apart from the crowd.

I can build custom theme options and content blocks into your site that will put you in control of the parts of your site that matter most to you and your viewers. Before I even start on the design, I try to get a good feel for the kind of content you want your site to have, as well as how you would like to implement your content, so that I can create a back-end experience for you that is easy to update and maintain, and a front-end experience for your viewers that is engaging and unique.

And I teach you to use your new site once it’s up and running so that you feel confident and empowered to make the most of your new site.

Ecommerce for WordPress

WordPress can be a powerful eCommerce solution for small to medium sized online stores when paired with WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress. I have built many different types of online stores on the WooCommerce platform. I will work with you to determine if WooCommerce is right for your shop, and help you customize its functionality and appearance to work with your products and brand!